About Ben Glaros

Ben Glaros has been living, breathing, singing and playing music his whole life. Since he first heard the Rolling Stones and Neil Young and picked up his dad’s guitar when he was twelve there has been no doubt where his passion and energy would be directed. Since then he’s been immersed in his creative pursuits as a guitarist, singer and songwriter, contributing his formidable talents and personal sound to a long line of projects including most recently playing guitar with acclaimed Twin Cities band's Fathom Lane and Pill Hill.

Although he’s never lost the desire to rock like his early heroes his curiosity and open ears have led him to explore all kinds of music, and he’s studied with such world class musicians as classical masters Lawrence Zbikowski and Jeffrey Van, guitar wizard Dean Magraw and Richard Lloyd from the legendary band Television.

Through his long musical and personal journey, Glaros has developed his own voice as a solo artist and his three solo releases have earned him a reputation as one of the Twin Cities finest singer/songwriters. And along the way he has discovered that he loves sharing the gift of music in the role of teacher as much as he loves to lose himself in the creative act of writing, recording and performing.